Residential And Commercial Building Inspections For The Best Asbestos Testing Auckland, Taupo, Albany

Building inspections identify major or minor defects and potential safety hazards in a building. This information is critical to property negotiations when buying or selling residential or commercial property. Jim’s Building Inspections will provide a complete report with diagrams and photos explained in easy to understand terms of what is wrong and how to fix it. A building inspection may also become necessary when you suspect that a defect has developed as a consequence of an event or if you are concerned about the harmful impact of certain building materials used in the original construction. Asbestos Testing Auckland, Taupo, Albany is one of the services included in Jim’s Building Inspections. It includes a visual inspection to identify the presence of asbestos, the location and condition of the building materials that contain asbestos. If necessary, asbestos testing may be required and samples will be taken for lab analysis. Air monitoring may also be necessary to detect any harmful asbestos fibres in affected locations.

Asbestos is a natural mineral rock material made up of millions of strands of tiny, strong fibres that are highly resistant to chemicals, heat, and fire. These properties are what made it such a popular building material for cladding, roofing, insulation, ceilings, and walls. Asbestos building materials were mainly imported to New Zealand before the 1980s but once the health risks of asbestos fibres became known, it was gradually phased out and replaced by other materials. However, asbestos-containing products and appliances may still be around, particularly in older homes built before 1984.

Non-destructive, visual asbestos inspections are carried out to ascertain whether asbestos-containing building materials are present in the structure of a home or commercial property. When visual identification is positive, further testing by Jim’s Building Inspections may be recommended. Written permission by the owners of the property is required before samples can be taken which is then classified as destructive testing.
Asbestos testing Auckland, Taupo, Albany specifically looks for the presence of asbestos in the following building materials:

• Cement cladding and roofing
• Backing material used in floor tiles and vinyl sheets
• Insulation boards used for thermal protection such as around fireplaces
• Textured surfaces on ceilings and sprayed-on wall surfaces
• Lagging used for insulation around heaters, pipes, and hot water cylinders

Different inspection packages are available from Asbestos Testing Auckland, Taupo, Albany to suit the specific requirements of a residential or commercial property owner.

  • Visual Only package includes a full report with a list of locations as well as conditions of materials suspected of containing asbestos materials.
  • Visual Inspection Plus Samples package includes a full visual report plus sample testing and recommended management strategies.
  • Air Monitoring package includes everything the visual plus sample package contains with the addition of air monitoring of affected locations with a full lab analysis report and recommendations regarding its management.

Before any major maintenance or renovation is carried out in homes built before the year 2000, it is essential to have a visual asbestos testing Auckland, Taupo, Albany, and if recommended, a sample testing conducted to identify the location of asbestos, the condition of the materials, and if necessary, to establish whether there are harmful asbestos fibres floating in the air. Business owners may need a Workplace Register and Management Plan to comply with the obligations of workplace owners and managers to their employees and the public. For more information please refer to their website.

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